Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You get what you pay for

Needed a new light for the sukkah this year. The old drop-light, which I had left out all year, the switch went south. Tried one of the local fly-by-night sukkah suppliers, who had a small fluorescent shop-light, a box of them, to which he had attached power plugs (they came with bare wires, to install directly to the house wiring. How much? Five bucks. Since they said "for indoor use only", and the guy had invested some effort to attach the plugs, we figured, "what truck did these fall off of?" and went elsewhere.

In the event, K-Mart, where I got a new drop-light, with separate extension cord. Works fine.

Went to decorate the sukkah. Put up the usual tinselly things that came with the EZ-Lock Sukkah Kit, reconfigured the "Baruch Ata Bevo'echa/Betzeitecha" signs to actually hang over the door inside and out, rather than twisting in the wind inside the sukkah, and hung my only two Rabbi Pictures - our shul's patron saints, R' YB Soloveitchik and R' AYH Kook. Why "patron saints"? The rabbi, R' Moshe Sokol, is a big fan of both. Although I don't think he ever learned at YU, he is a philosopher, and both of those wrote a lot in a philosophic vein about twentieth century Man's approach to Judaism. We say Kel Moley for both of them at Yizkor.

At any rate, Hhag Sameiach, Moadim Lesimhha, and any other greetings you can think of.

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