Sunday, September 30, 2007


well, I'll share them, even if they aren't "for the ages".

Where is Oneonta (a city in New York) mentioned in Psalm 27 (Ledovid Hashem Ori Veyishi, which many Orthodox Jews recite twice daily from the beginning of Elul through Hoshana Rabbah)?

Where is coffee praised in the same psalm?

1) Ki yitzpeneini be-SUCO [State University College at Oneonta] beyom ra-ah. For He shall find me at SUCO on a bad day...

2) Kaveh el H' chazeik veya'ameitz libecha - Kaveh is Turkish for coffee, and the origin of our word. So Kaveh to God, which strengthens our hearts.


Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

in less than two months it'll be time for HODU LaShem ki tov!

Ralphie said...

What about our tribute to carbonated beverages every weekday morning? "Mizmor l'soda..."

Also, how do we know that Hashem's friends have the High Holiday services memorized? "Ki ayn machzor l're'av..."