Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fifteen Minutes

My fifteen minutes of fame continue. After getting 450 hits in one day, thanks to Gil's post pointing to my "Long Yisroel's Journey into Levite" post, the host of a Jewish radio program in Baltimore asked to interview me about it this Sunday. So IY"H, without too much hemming and hawing, you can hear my nasal voice (it sounds much better inside my head, really - I'm always surprised to hear how I sound on tape) on the Shalom USA Radio show, with Jay Bernstein, on Baltimore's WVIE (abc-affiliated) 1370-AM radio station, sometime around 9:45 AM, thus Sunday (Chol Hamoed), September 30, 2007. They have a web feed.

Chag sameach.


Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

dagnabit, after being reminded of this multiple times i forgot about it after minyan this morning... bleah.. how did it go?

thanbo said...

The web-feed wasn't running this morning. I had hoped to record the interview myself, but no go. And this after spending $50 on audio-stream recording software. Oh, well. Maybe I'll record the Saturday afternoon operas.

The interview went quite smoothly. The interviewers took me through the story, I spoke clearly (I hope), and Debbie only had to prompt me once or twice to more clearly identify people (use last name).

Put in one or two ha-ha lines, which I've been using lately (safek levi and $2 will get you on the subway; someone told me I might be the only Levi who knows what happens when there's no Levi around).

I'm much less nervous now that it's over and went nicely.