Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shushan Purim Missive chez Chaz

Musical Note By Cantor Sherwood Goffin


Today I am writing about the freedom that all of those who lead the daily and Shabbat services really have - here and throughout the Western World. There is truly no necessity to worry about utilizing proper Nusach Hatefillah. After all, if one looks around - according to the dictum of "Minhag Yisroel K'din Hu"- since no one else is doing it, I declare that it is fully legal to disregard the "so-called rules" of davening, regardless of anything I have written previously.

It is therefore also acceptable to throw in any melody that comes to mind into the davening - from Les Miserables to Bon Jovi - as long as the congregation recognizes it and is willing to stand up and call out: "Daven Well and Sing Along" while doing "The Wave." The Wave must however be done from Right to Left as is prescribed in the Holy Book of "Minhagei Chelm V'hoAsoro HaBatlonim". Shachris, Musaf, Yom Tov - what's the difference! "As long as it feels good", is the mantra to follow.

Dikduk, Beiur Tefillah, all that stuff is really unnecessary, as long as when we get up to dance before saying the Amida, the rhythm tickles our toes and gets the feet moving. Kavana is no longer a requirement, since most of us already talk to each other more about Spitzer and Bear-Stearns than we talk to God in the Siddur.

This is the World of Hefkervelt, and if we like it, it will inspire us to come back again and again. What better way to get new members and keep the old ones glued bug-eyed to their seats! And if I don't stop right now, I'll have a hemorrhage!


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Michael Kopinsky said...

That last line was hilarious!