Monday, March 31, 2008

Reb Nachman Weighs In on Lipa

Musical Note By Cantor Sherwood Goffin
Rabbi Nachman of Breslov on Secular Music

For those of us who are perplexed by the recent rabbinical ban on concerts of Jewish Music here and in Israel, we can attain a small insight into the general attitude of the "frum" world to music that sounds too much like contemporary popular music, through this excerpt from "Likutei Maharan," the words of this great Chassidic leader who lived in Bratzlav, Ukraine, from 1772-1810: "A holy melody gives strength to the forces of holiness. But the music of the "sitra achra," the "other side," damages these forces and lengthens the exile. It makes people stumble and traps them like birds in a snare. Be very careful never to listen to this kind of music at all. The musicians and singers who produce it have no religious intentions whatsoever. On the contrary, they only want to make money or become famous. Listening to this kind of music can seriously weaken your devotion to G-d. But the melodies played by a truly religious, G-d-fearing musician can be very inspiring. They can strengthen your devotion immensely."


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