Sunday, February 28, 2010

Freilichen Shoeshine Pirim

This year for shalech mones, we gave out fruit, hamentashen and home-baked noodle kugels, with an ingredient list and disclaimer. Debbie is now a chef, so why shouldn't she make something nice?

We printed up little cards with a 17th-century painting, Esther and Ahasuerus by Bernardo Cavallino and the disclaimer for the kugel.

For Purim Torah, I handed around flyers of Gershon Rosenzweig's Midrash Esther, from his Talmud Yankee. Rosenzweig wrote a whole series of short Talmud parodies around the turn of the 20th century, many/most of which reflected the immigrant experience. E.g., Masechet America, Ch 2 Mishna 1: All are green[horns]. Whether a doctor or a tradesman, doesn't matter if you changed your name, your clothes, your language - you're still green.

Many of Rosenzweig's tractates are short, only 3-4 pages, which leads me to wonder if they were written to be handed out as Purim torahs with mishloach manot.

For more on Talmud parodies, see Parody in Jewish Literature, for extensive discussion of these and the various Purim tractates linked to by R' Brill.

And then we went to the City for the family Chanukah party. Well, for most of the last 80 years it was a Chanukah party, but for various reasons the last two years it has fallen on or near Purim.

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