Monday, August 13, 2007

Parents update

My parents were in a major car accident. They're mostly OK - some bruises, cuts, slight concussion. No other cars were involved. They hit a guardrail, sailed over, rolled over and down an embankment. Car smashed. Them, not so much. Why? THEY WERE WEARING SEATBELTS.

For some more detail on what has been going on, Debbie (my wife) keeps a Livejournal:

They're home, after 4 days in hospital. I think they're going to give up driving, but they're trying to find a way to keep going to their summer home in the Catskills (to which they were enroute when they crashed).


For those who feel so motivated, their names are Simcha b. Rivka, and Tova Batya bat Tzivia.

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