Thursday, February 22, 2007

Musical Note Teruma 5767

The Jewish Imperative to Sing
Part II (Second in a series)

The Tashbetz, a Rishon (d.1444), tells how a Chazzan/Talmid Chacham was insulted by some of his congregants as he officiated on Yom Tov in Majorca. In anger he vowed to never daven again at the Bimah. The congregation asked the Tashbetz to nullify the Chazzan's vow so that he could resume his position. The Tashbetz declared that the Chazzan's davening is a Torah Law ("mid'oraita") because "he is fulfilling the obligation of the congregation to say Kedushah...." His vow is therefore invalid because you can't vow to cancel a Mitzvah! After some discussion, the Tashbetz concludes his decision by adding that G-d Himself would want the Chazzan to reverse his vow, since "G-d wants to be sanctified by a person who has a good voice!" (As we wrote in last week's Note).

Daven well and sing along!

(© 2007 Cantor Sherwood Goffin. Reprinted by permission from LSS Echod)

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