Saturday, February 02, 2008

Harbinger of Purim

Musical Note By Cantor Sherwood Goffin

The Harbinger of Purim and a Milestone Family Bar Mitzvah

This Shabbat we will bless the new month as we always do with the recitation of "M'vorchim Hachodesh,” the Yehi Rotson paragraph that we insert before Ashrei once a month before we return the Torah to the Ark. Normally, this would be the introduction to the month of Adar and the coming of Purim. However, since this is a leap year in the lunar-based Jewish calendar, there will be two months of Adar, and we will only celebrate Purim in Adar II. I will allude to the missing

Purim in Adar I by announcing the day of Rosh Chodesh with the melody of Megillat Esther. However, I will not sing a Purim melody, as I would usually do for the paragraph of “Y'chad'sheihu," to show that Purim is not quite here yet.

I am informing you about this month's musical allusion to Purim because Batya and I will not be here for next month's Blessing of the New Month of Adar II when I would utilize Purim melodies for the entire blessing. Our absence is because that Shabbat will be THE BAR MITZVAH OF OUR OLDEST GRANDCHILD, YONI HAWK, IN SILVER SPRING, MD! Yoni was born in Mt. Sinai hospital in Manhattan, as was his mom -our daughter Tsipi, and his Bris was a gala celebration here at LSS 13 years ago. All the members of LSS have always shared in our simchas, but unfortunately we cannot invite everyone to Maryland for that Shabbat of March 1st. Some time later we hope to sponsor a Kiddush in honor of the Bar Mitzvah, and in this way enable you to share in our joy. If you are going to be in the Silver Spring/Kemp Mill area that Shabbat anyway, you are welcome to daven with us at the Young Israel - Shomrei Emunah for the tefilla at 9 AM. Otherwise, we will see you at the LSS Kiddush somewhat later in the calendar. Have a Chodesh Tov - a great New Month of Adar I. May we always have such simchas!

Daven Well and Sing Along!

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