Saturday, February 16, 2008


I was thinking in shul today - have we returned to the 17th Century? I mean, think about some of the major issues affecting the Jewish world:
  1. Christian Kabbalism (Philip Berg's Kabbalah Centre that appeals to the likes of Madonna)
  2. Massive false messianic movement - Shabtai Tzvi, which was much larger, vs. Lubavitch.
  3. Obsession with heresy and excommunication - Spinoza and Da Costa vs. Slifkin.
  4. Religious Wars - last time Catholic vs Protestant, now returning to the Crusader phenomenon of Christian vs. Muslim
Perhaps a microcosm.


andy said...

all we need now are witch trials.

thanbo said...

Well, again in the microcosm category: custody battle where the mother's participation in the Church of the Sub-Genius, a Genuine Joke Religion, is used against her by the judge. See here for some media coverage and blog posts.