Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Interesting YK Coincidence

Far be it from me to have fun at the expense of the many people who suffered because of this man, but I noticed something interesting during vidui yesterday. The Butcher of Monsey's name was Moshe, beginning with 'מ', and sure enough, it was the intersection of the two 'מ' lines in the Al Chet in which he failed: 'מאכל ומשתה' and 'משא ומתן' (food and drink; and business).

The associated lines for 'י' are pretty general, Evil Inclination and Knowing/Unknowing. Which I suppose means I should watch out for the yetzer hara leading me into unknowing sin, which then might lead to despair, and then intentional sin. Good advice for everybody, I guess.

For those who haven't apologized to Stephen Colbert yet (1-888-OOPS-JEW), remember, you have until Hoshana Rabba to appeal unfavorable Yom Kippur verdicts.

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