Friday, September 29, 2006

Past Yom Kippur Writings

The tunes of Yom Kippur reflect/generate changing emotional states during the course of the day

The shorter confession (Vidui Ashamnu) as understood by the Chayei Adam (translation)

Kol Nidre as an example for Hashem - forgive us as we forgive vows.

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Ari Kinsberg said...


i just wanted to let you that i've sent you an email from a yahoo account

but at as long as i am here, i just wanted to clarify a comment i made on hirhurim that you responded to. by calling for a more efficient tefilah, i did not mean a more mechanical one or a less emotional one. i have nothing against congregational singing or a baal tefilah with a pleasant voice. but most people i know simply don't care for a chazzan who shlepps with oy yoy yoys and very often is just not that good.