Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WotW: Reform women's group

I received an announcement of the formation of "Rabbis in support of the Women of the Wall." It's supposedly interdenominational - including rabbis of Ortho, Cons, Reform and Recon.

Um, yeah. Looking up Rabbi David Kalb, the one O rabbi, his smicha is private not institutional (i.e. not sufficient to join the RCA - you need one recognized institution or two private smichas). He's also associated with the lefty-est institutions within Mod-O. How many O rabbis, even Mod-O rabbis, are going to want to join with an overwhelmingly Reform/Recon group to support a Reform women's group?

I think it reflects reality: WotW is not really interested in appealing to Orthodox women any more, or to Orthodox institutions. It's run by a Reform activist, after all. Its chair, Anat Hoffman, is the head of the Reform lobby in Israel.

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Rebecca said...

I know some of the women who have been involved with Women of the Wall almost since its inception in 1988, and they are not Reform. Anat Hoffman is only one of the leaders of WotW. But, that being said, I think you're correct to point to a political shift here in the group's situation in Israel - the group is now being actively supported by the Reform and Conservative movements in Israel, which was not true when it first began.