Monday, April 14, 2008

campaign elitism flap

So which is more elitist:

an urban activist candidate, Harvard educated, noting that rural folks are embittered because of the loss of jobs, and take comfort in the comfortable, which is fed to them by the government.


a 20-year First Lady and high-powered corporate lawyer candidate, Yale educated, telling rural folks that they don't know how to feel - they should feel offended at the first candidate's remarks?

Most of the responses from rural Pennsylvania and other depressed-small-town areas to Obama's remark seem to be "yes, that's an accurate assessment, we are pretty bitter over loss of jobs and government's inaction other than to feed us comfort food for guns and religion." But the other candidates, desperate to find something, anything to use against the first candidate, jump on this, and the Yale lawyer and the scion of the Navy dynasty tell the rural people that they don't know enough how they feel, that they should feel offended so as to serve their ends.

Who are the real elitists?

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Schmorgel (Borgel) said...

Well, who are they?