Sunday, October 07, 2007

Five Non-Angels

R’ Feivel Cohen often gives out little puzzles on Shabbat evening, for people to work out by next week. This week’s puzzle was:

Angels (malachim) are mentioned in Parshat Bereshit five times, but are not referred to by the word “Angel” (malach). What are those five times?

(Answers later in the week)


Anonymous said...

Let's see:

1) Naaseh Adam...does that count?

2) the "kruvim" with the swords that protect the way back to Gan Eden

3) In the vein of number 1, 3:22 "behold man has become like one of us"?

4) The "bnei elokim" in 6:2, according to some interpretations

5) Ditto for the "nefilim" in 6:4

I'm not sure if I answered precisely - were you looking for 5 additional ways to say "malach"?


thanbo said...

That's four (benei elokim/nefilim are one, since only one is likely to be malachim, the other is something else). There's another one.

Anonymous said...

Guess: the snake as Satan?

thanbo said...

That's an Xtian reading, isn't it?

thanbo said...

The fifth one is "the heavens and the earth were finished with all their hosts - including the hosts of angels in the heavens.

My friend said he thought the rabbi had mentioned a rashi in the 4th day, but the closest I can find to "malachim" in that Rashi is "melachim", kings - sounds similar, but spelled without an "aleph".