Monday, July 02, 2007

Gratuitous Numerical Post

Thank you, my thirty loyal readers and others, for bringing us to this milestone of Ten Thousand Hits. I'd like to thank the First Time Page Views, the Returning Visitors, and all the other statistical categories. I must thank Blogger (hrrmm, Google) for providing this no-cost server for me to use as my soapbox for esoteric and arcane maunderings. And I must certainly thank the Eibershter, the Chonein HaDaas, for giving us Daas, Binah and Haskel.

Hmm. My old Rosh Yeshiva was a Haskel (R' Lookstein shlit"a). There are Binahs in this world, e.g. my parents' friend Bina Presser. Does anyone know people named Daas?

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