Sunday, February 18, 2007

Musical Note I

The Jewish Imperative to Sing,

Part I (First in a series)

By Cantor Sherwood Goffin

In Mishlei (Proverbs 3;9), we read "Honor G-d with your wealth", using the word "may-hone-cho". The Sages tell us to read it "may-chon'cho" - with what He has endowed you, and the P'sikta interprets that to mean, "may-gron'cho" -that if one has a good voice, honor G-d with your voice. The Bais Yosef, quoting the Shibbolei Haleket, comments that this teaches us that if one has a good voice he should use it to serve Hashem as the Shaliach Tsibbur in shul. The Bais Yosef quotes the story of Navot, who was punished because he once refused to use his G-d given gift of song in the Holy Temple, to show that using your talents for serving G-d is required, and not merely a good suggestion.

Daven well and sing along!

(Reprinted with permission from the Lincoln Square Synagogue Shabbat Echod)

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Anonymous said...

Except you don't really mean this do you? I myself am moved and inspired in davening by the good voice of the shaliach tzibur. . . more so if it is a woman.