Sunday, March 19, 2006

Kol Korei Bamidbar Panu Derech

RYGB has noted that the common phrase for a pashkeville, "kol korei", is a misnomer, probably based on the KJV. It's take as "A voice cries in the wilderness: Pave a road", while the te'amim seem to indicate that it should be, "kol korei: bamidbar panu derech" A voice cries: pave a road in the wilderness.

Enough serious stuff, here's a Purim Pashkeville, responding to the OU's call for moderation in drinking.

The author prefers to remain anonymous (it's not me).


thanbo said...



with great honor to the students of the yeshivah

Our erring brethren are publicizing a mistaken custom, not to drink on Purim night, G-d forbid, and further they use a custom not to drink, during the day, more than would be proper in standing before a king. But we are important young men who devote our lives to Torah, and it is not fitting our honor to utilize such lenient opinions. We, the faithful sons of the faithful, stringent sons of the stringent, are thus obligated to imbibe sufficiently to become as drunk as Lot, which is the best way to fulfill the command, and it is advisable to go beyond the letter of the law, and drink also on Shushan Purim, as Maimonides writes, "One who is not drunk, is a sinner!"

May it be G-d's will that we merit to fulfill this command with great glorification.

Our master, John Red Label Walker
Our master, John Black Label Walker
Our master, John Blue Label Walker
Our teacher, the genius Jacob Daniels, who should live a long and good life
Our teacher, the rabbi Smirnoff
The rabbi Shmuel Shmelke Shmendrik


And we add our names and bless one who drinks Leviathanesque quantities, with eating the feast of Leviathan.

The rabbi Bartenura (Asti Spumante)
The rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki Yarchi.

Lipman said...

Isn't the expression 'kol k├┤rei' much older than the mass phenomenon of Jews dwelling amongst English-speaking people?

Or did you/RYGB mean laf dafke KJV, but just as well Luther's translation etc.?

I thought it is simply a mild pun at most.